About Eunoia

About Me

Hi, I'm Rony Casement.

I'm an autism specialist practitioner with over 30 years experience of working across the sectors of Early Years, Education and Disability Services. I have a BA in Early Childhood Studies & PG Dip Autism (currently working towards MEd Autism). I am also a trustee and active volunteer for Scottish Women's Autism Network (SWAN). I am passionate about supporting autistic individuals and their families within the wider community. I am based in Inverclyde on the Clyde Coast of Scotland.


I have the benefit of being autistic myself. I was self identified for a number of years before requesting formal assessment. I was diagnosed with Asperger's Profile in 2015. This "inside autism" perspective  in addition to my professional and academic understanding of autism  allows me to offer a holistic, authentic and effective style of support. In my experience, peer support and mentoring from within the autistic community are the most empowering support formats available. I can combine this type of support with scaffolded self knowledge building and bridging into existing community supports.


Eunoia is a rare word which means "beautiful thinking; a well mind".This word encapsulates my approach to autism as I recognise that there is natural diversity within human brain types (neurodiversity). I believe that autistic minds represent one of these brain types and as such should be respected and accommodated within our society. I am strength based in my support approach and believe that autistic minds represent well minds which produce beautiful thinking which enriches our communities. I aim to support and empower though the development of positive self knowledge and self help strategies, increased self esteem and a sense of belonging.