Services Offered

Individual Support

I co-produce my support with autistic individuals in a way to best suit their own preferences. I  offer the opportunity to unpack an autism diagnosis and get to know the individual component parts of the individual's autistic profile in a safe and structured way. I can support with pre & post diagnosis stages, self identification process, anxiety, school refusing and self-esteem issues. I can also help and signpost to specialist support with understanding any co-occurring conditions/disabilities. I offer individual appointments or a support programme which structures my support to suit the elements of individual autistic experience. I provide support in  face to face, telephone, email or video call formats using talking therapy with the addition of the use of creative mediums of communication if preferred . I support autistic individuals side by side on their journey.

I charge £40 per 90 minute session for autistic individuals.

Longer sessions can be arranged.

Partners, Parents, Carers & Extended Family

 I offer individual or group support to the families of autistic individuals. I can help partners,  parents, siblings, carers and extended family/friends gain insight into the autistic way of being. I can help families learn how to accommodate for perceived differences in ways which will nurture and support autistic family members. I offer both individual sessions and a 5 part support programme which takes participants through the component parts of the generic autistic experience with a focus on the individual nature of their autistic family member's profile. I can support with education issues and behavioural challenges through helping to identify triggers and particular challenges for the autistic person struggling to live in a non-autistic world.

I charge £40 for 60 minute session.

Training and Consultancy

I have attained the Masters level "Autism: Becoming a Trainer" unit from Strathclyde University in addition to having professional experience of lecturing, training and assessment. I offer a multi level bespoke training package to suit the client. My training is not only academically sound & industry tested but also is delivered from a professional "inside autism" perspective which makes it  authentic and autism led. I offer consultancy to those wishing to develop a more accommodating service for autistic employees, students, volunteers or participants.  

Pricing on request.

All bookings cancelled within 24 hours must be paid for.