"There is an immediate "built in" understanding of the challenges faced within autism without the requirement of explaining to even the most knowledgable or sympathetic professional. To have walked, or be walking in our shoes is of great help as she knows what it is like to live with the joys and difficulties every day". (Autistic adult)`

"Rony has worked one-to-one with our 11 son with ASD. This has not only benefited (name) but all of us as a family. As (name) learns more about autism and how it affects him, the more he is able to self-regulate and have good self esteem." (parent of autistic child)

" I feel a lot calmer now. I know a lot more about autism now which has helped me as a person. I feel I have been given support with my son's autism assessment which is on-going. I feel reassured." (Autistic parent of child in process of assessment)

"We can understand each other. I think that it's really important to say that the fact that I've had someone to speak to with the same condition has helped me majorly." (Autistic adult)

"I feel much more aware of autism related behaviours. My daughter uses a lot of behaviours to calm down after a difficult day at school, I now recognise these behaviours & support her. The ideas we have picked up have made a huge difference." (Parent of autistic child)